Custom Mirror Installation & Replacement

Commercial Glass Systems is your choice for the largest variety of mirrors on the market today. When you choose us for your mirror installation, you can count on our team of glass experts to deliver superior results every time. Our friendly staff is courteous and helpful to make your mirror installation as convenient as possible. Whether you are looking for mirror installation in your home or commercial setting, you can trust that the team of glass specialists at Commercial Glass Systems will install your mirrors to your exact specifications.

Custom Mirrors for a Perfect Fit

The glass experts at Commercial Glass Systems will custom fit your mirrors to the exact proportions you need in your space. It doesn’t matter what shape your mirror is whether it is square, round, oval or any other shape, you can count on a precise installation. You will find that the finished product is nothing short of beautiful; free from unwanted gaps or spaces.

Types of Commercial & Residential Mirrors

There are many settings in your home or business that can benefit from a custom fit mirror. Following are some of the applications that we commonly see mirrors installed.
Bathroom Vanity Mirrors: A high quality mirror in your bathroom is essential. Not only are these mirrors essential for functionality, but the right mirror will add style and design to the space as well.
Mirrored Walls: If you are looking for a way to add a unique design to your room, having a mirrored wall installed is one way to do it. If your space is small, the right mirrors can help the space feel larger than it actually is. Mirrored walls are perfect for both home gyms, and commercial fitness and athletic centers to aid in workouts and fitness routines.
Fireplace & Mantel Mirrors: The space above and around your fireplace can be difficult to fill. A high quality mirror is the perfect addition to fill that space.
Bar Mirrors: Creating the perfect home bar space is finished nicely with the addition of bar mirrors. Whether it is behind shelving or standing alone, these mirrors will give your home bar a custom appearance.
One-Way Mirrors: These mirrors are also referred to as two-way mirrors and are transparent on one side while the other sees a mirror. These are perfect for your commercial space for an added layer of security. The mirrored side will not allow onlookers to see what is inside the building while those on the inside will be able to view what is going on outside the store.

Old & Antique Mirror Restoration

If you have an old, outdated mirror in your home, you can count on Commercial Glass Systems to give it new life. We can add the perfect frame to give them a stylish touch. They can also be custom etched with beautiful designs or custom crafted to be smooth.

Custom Mirror Installation, Replacement & More in Acton, Aqua Dulce, Lake Elizabeth, Lake Hughes, Lake Los Angeles, Lancaster, Leona Valley, Littlerock, Mojave, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Tehachapi & Antelope Valley, California

No matter what you are looking for with mirrors in your home or office, you can count on Commercial Glass Systems to create the perfect mirror for your space. We offer precision installation that will add design and style. Call us today!

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