Why Would You Replace Old Windows in Palmdale, CA? Do Not Open, Fog Between Glass & More

How old are the windows in your home or business? Are you noticing small problems with the windows? Windows don’t last forever and even though they last a long time, problems can start to happen that make them not as efficient as they once were. If you feel like your windows are old, how do you know if it is time for replacement? Commercial Glass Systems outlines some of the tell-tale signs below.

Windows Do Not Open as They Should

When your windows don’t open properly or it takes you a long time to try and open them, it is not safe if there is ever a fire. Your windows should open easily and stay open. If they do not stay open, because they keep falling, then something may be warped or even broken. Windows should open easily, if they don’t you need to get your windows replaced.

Fog Between Window Glass

In some windows, there are two pieces of glass that make up the window. These two pieces of glass are not touching each other and there is a space in between them. If you notice that in between those windows there is fog, then you need to get your windows replaced. This is a great indication that the seal is broken and it is letting in air and moisture. This could happen to older windows over time, it is not anything that you necessarily did. You do want to get it replaced because it does make it less energy efficient.

Feeling a Draft from Around Window

Have you ever sat somewhere and you can fill a draft when you are sitting next to a window? You have checked the window and it is shut but you are still feeling that draft. This can be very frustrating with air coming through a closed window. When you have a draft coming through your window, it can increase your energy bills because your home has to work harder to get to the desired temperature. Getting new windows can help seal off those drafts, keeping your energy bill down and keeping the air from coming inside.

Dusty & Unhealthy Home

Breathing in fresh air and having natural light in your home, can be so much healthier than dusty air and living in the dark. It is always good to open windows and breathe that fresh air. Look around your home and see how you could bring in more light and fresh air. Replacing windows with different types, sizes, and placement can change the look of your home and help make your home healthier because it brings in more sunlight.

Desire to Improve the View

When you change up your windows not only can it add to your home, making your home feel more up-to-date and newer. You can change to totally different windows, having larger ones and in a different location than where they are currently. You could even create an indoor/outdoor space that is built with a sliding glass door or pass-through windows. Changing up your windows can help add so much to your home and the view you see outside.

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Getting new windows can add so much to your home or business, making it look more up-to-date, lowering your energy bill, and bringing in more sunlight. All of these things are positive reasons why getting new windows is important. If you are in the market for new windows then give Commercial Glass Systems a call today.

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